Your Babies #006: Jasper already full of laughter at 9 weeks

Many babies are already laughing by three months old. (Many others aren’t as babies start laughing a wide range of ages.) These videos sent to us by Gord Thompson show that his son Jasper was laughing early. In the first one Gord is playing with Jasper’s hands while Jasper’s mother is filming. Jasper is only 9 weeks old and although the world must be extremely bewildering for him, he seems to find life amusing.



In the second video, Jasper is three months old and this time it’s his mom Jenn who is entertaining him. As Jasper clearly demonstrates young babies really love physical sensations like tickling and rocking. Thanks to Jasper and his family for helping with our research.

If you have a video of your baby laughing please send it to us. If you don’t, why not record one?

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