The Laughing Baby

When I ran my survey of baby laughter over a thousand parents responded and nearly a hundred sent in videos.  I have enough laughing babies to fill a book. So that’s what I am doing..

The Laughing Baby book is about the science of infant learning and why happiness matters right from the start of life. How do babies learn all those amazing skills completely from scratch and why do they have such a great time doing it? In four years of studying laughing babies, I’ve learned that laughter and smiles are of central importance at the start of life. Squeals of joy accompany all of a baby’s little breakthroughs. Laughs and smiles connect them to their nearest and dearest. It is how they reward you for the things they learn from you. If a baby is laughing, you can guarantee that they have just learned a new skill or else they want your help to do so. The book tracks all the essential skills a baby learns in the first two years from my perspective as baby psychologist. The book is being published by Unbound Books. They are an innovative company who crowdfund new books. Readers support the books they’d like to read and these get published.  We need 600 people to pre-order the Laughing Baby to guarantee it is published. Here’s what you can to do help:

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