The Science of Happiness

The science of happiness

Science of Happiness Infographic Graphic by WebpageFX. Click to embiggen. Infographic – The Science of Happiness  -via Bounce Back: Develop Your Resiliency ( A few gentle reminders of the important things in life. Although this graphic is not perfect by any means. In particular, it’s not true that having children makes you less happy. Firstly, the figure they quote 0.24% is so small as to be irrelevant. Secondly, recent studies show the evidence is a lot more mixed than that. What’s more, there are lots of Things Children Can Teach Us About Happiness More importantly, genuine happiness comes from within. Even such hugely challenging &  life changing events as having children, paraplegia or false imprisonment will set only set you back if you let it. Or as Shakespeare said, “There’s nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so. ”  Sadly, we’re terrible at predicting what will make us happy. Next they don’t get the message across that money does not buy happiness. Once basic needs met, additional income makes very little difference to life satisfaction. Shopping and consumerism put you on a ‘hedonic treadmill‘ as you attempt to feed an never ending cycle of desire.   Comparing yourself to others makes you unhappy whether you are broke or a billionaire (because there’s always someone with more than you.)

The 4 most important things you can do to be more happy

1. Exercise. 2. Be thankful. 3. Do things for others. 4. Spend time in nature.
So make those your resolutions and have a happy new year!
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UPDATE: It seems that this infographic was originally created by The version on was plagarised by the clearly well dodgy ‘’.]]>

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