Your Babies #015: Which is the funniest animal?

Why are cats funnier than dogs? I don’t know but the whole internet agrees that there simply no contest. Cats are funnier. (Actually, someone asked me this question at the Wellcome Collection Packed Lunch. When they get round to posting the podcast you can find out what I thought.)

I vaguely recall a professional comedian saying that gnus and zebras are funny too but that wildebeest and rhinos aren’t. I don’t think there was any rhyme or reason to it, it was just a law of comedy. And i might have got the animals wrong because I am most definitely not a comedian.

I do know that a dead parrot is funnier than a live parrot. I also know that if you ask 14 month old Max what the funniest animal was, he’d vote for the goat. Much funnier in his opinion than both dogs and cats. See for yourself.

Thanks to Max, and his mummy and daddy for sharing this with us

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