Your Babies #014: Light goes on, light goes off

A little bit of causal hilarity from Rory and family. Babies need to spend a lot of time learning about cause and effect. Things that we take for granted only because we learnt it so young. Things like the fact that some objects are soft and some are hard. The second ones are more fun to bang on the floor. Although they all fall to the floor if you throw them out of your highchair. And oh,  if you do someone will pick it back up for you.

Learning that one thing leads to another needs a lot of repetition and a lot of trial and error, so much the better if it is fun for everyone. Here’s what Chrystyan has to say about Rory’s experiments

What made your baby laugh?: Baby Rory laughs as Daddy and her play with the light switch. She hasn’t learned to turn it on yet, but she can certainly turn it off! How old is your baby?: 11 Months Who else was present?: Mommy, Daddy & Baby Rory Any other comments: We’re doing a lot of family videos, our little girl is such a ball of hilarity. She finds the weirdest things funny and loves to get a catch in her stomach. She’s a daredevil, she is. This was just too good to pass up. Please help us spread her around, her laughter has brought us joy and we’re sure it’s going to make you smile!

Thank you Rory and family.


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