Some early results of our study.

age of first laugh funniest game funniest person I will be back later in the week with some of your reports on the funniest ever moments with your babies and your theories about what makes babies laugh. Some]]>

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  • Your Babies #013: Youngest ever fan of ripping paper | Laughing Baby Videos says:

    […] Lindsey sent me this remarkable video of her three month old son Dominic laughing at his daddy ripping paper. As far as I know, he’s the youngest baby ever to find this amusing. Well, at first he finds it rather shocking but then he has a good old chuckle. This is rather amazing because Dominic is much, much younger than any other babies who find this amusing. Micah, the baby that started the craze was 8 months old. Lily, a previous contributor to this project was 5 months. Dominic is almost half her age, he has probably only just started laughing. […]


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