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our survey. Everyone else is welcome to send us a field report about the last time you made a baby laugh or better yet make a video and send us the youtube link.

Revealed: The serious science behind a baby’s laugh

by Charlotte Philby [caption id="attachment_214" align="alignright" width="249"] 4 months old Gaia finds our research amusing. (Photo by Terry Temgilley).[/caption] With bright blue hair and tattoos, Dr Caspar Addyman is not your average scientist. But then Britain’s “Babylab” is not your average laboratory. Here, inside one of the world’s leading infant-research units, Dr Addyman has spent the morning filtering through the results of his new Baby Laughter project. It is the first in-depth study since the Sixties into what makes infants chuckle. continued..
The story is by Charlotte Philby and the photographer was Terry Temgilley.  Thank you to Dr. Silvia Rigato and her daughter Gaia  for entertaining them.    ]]>

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