Baby shaming

dog shaming, now there is baby shaming. A friend just posted this picture of her daughter on her facebook. It’s the first baby shaming that I know of but I hope it won’t be the last. Baby shaming Not all our baby induced laughter is shared laughter, very often we’re laughing at their expense. It’s quite okay, they don’t mind. In fact, it’s hard to not to. Babies are universally appealing, charismatic and naturally funny. That’s comedy gold. Update: It seems that Ilana at likes baby shaming too ]]>

One Comment on “Baby shaming”
  • nobullshitmedia says:

    what the hell is this? baby “shaming”??? babies, i.e., little human beings, cry because they have no other way of saying what they want, and they don’t understand that people need to take showers or eat. they just don’t know. so why the hell are you “shaming” them? a big shame on the mom who did this, and on you for posting it as funny. this is horrendous.


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