Our first peer reviewed publication in Comedy Studies

The science of baby laughter Caspar Addyman & Ishbel Addyman

ABSTRACT The Baby Laughter Project (https://laughingbaby.info) is a research program in developmental psychology that uses online surveys and parent submitted videos to study baby laughter. We discuss how infant laughter has been neglected in the study of both humour and of developmental psychology. We describe our surveys and research methodology, together with some of the questions we hope they can address. Some preliminary results are presented together with illustrative comments from parents who took part. These results show that the topics of infant laughter track other cognitive developments, that it is an important form of communication and bond between parent and child and a marker of social and emotional engagement. We conclude by suggesting that the highly important role of laughter in early development has until now been underestimated. Download PDF  – 239k
Addyman, C., & Addyman, I. (2013). The science of baby laughter. Comedy Studies, 4(2), 143–153. doi:10.1386/cost.4.2.143_1   ]]>

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